Pool Hire

Edinburgh Swim Studio is available for private hydrotherapy or swim sessions.

  • Walk or run on an underwater treadmill
  • Exercise in a pool warmer than standard pools
  • Swim, without coaching

For your safety, an Edinburgh Swim Studio coach will be in attendance throughout your session.  You can choose whether they are beside the pool, or in the pool with you.


Private hydrotherapy and swimming

  • Per hour £75

Minimum booking one hour: this can be split into shorter sessions, minimum 30 minutes.

Vouchers can be provided for all Edinburgh Swim Studio services

Professional hire: Suitably qualified professionals can hire the pool for hydrotherapy or swim coaching.   Please contact us for information about conditions of hire and pricing.

Edinburgh Swim Studio is on the move! Please contact us as usual if you would like to arrange remote sessions (via Zoom) for movement analysis and coaching, breath training, or swimming. Face to face coaching, in Aberfeldy, will be available from spring 2024.