Club Swimmers

Coaching for competitive swimmers from nine upwards, will help them to achieve significant improvements in performance.

Improved stroke mechanics will help your child to swim more efficiently. Each 60 minute lesson can include analysis of all four strokes, with improvement opportunities identified for each. Your child will practise swimming all strokes, and take away focal points that will enable them to continue to improve in their club sessions.

We also work on pacing, so each swimmer can take control of their stroke rate, and increase the distance they travel with each stroke. Whatever event they swim in, they will learn to swim at the tempo and with the stroke length that works most effectively for them, to get them to the end faster than before.

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Edinburgh Swim Studio is on the move! Please contact us as usual if you would like to arrange remote sessions (via Zoom) for movement analysis and coaching, breath training, or swimming. Face to face coaching, in Aberfeldy, will be available from spring 2024.