Whether you are a beginner or an experienced swimmer, Edinburgh Swim Studio will help you reach your swimming goals.

What are your goals?

  • To complete your first length?

  • To complete your first mile?

  • To overcome fear of water?

  • To overcome injury?

  • To swim for wellbeing, and enjoy it?

  • To swim faster, whether in a race or as a measure of progress?

  • To participate in triathlon or open water events?

  • To swim all four strokes, efficiently and effortlessly?

Edinburgh Swim Studio offers lessons in a state-of-the-art private pool, providing a relaxed environment with no distractions.
You will learn faster than with conventional swimming methods.

Mirrors allow you to check your body position and movement patterns while you swim.

Using cameras over and under-water, and an adjustable swim current, an accredited coach will provide instant feedback on all aspects of your stroke technique, and identify opportunities for improvement.

They will adapt their teaching to meet your needs, so you achieve a more connected, streamlined and effortless stroke.

They will help you attain your goals through purposeful, effective and satisfying practice. 

You will receive a video of each lesson, to support your learning until the next time.

You will learn to set and solve your own swimming problems, based on principles of improvement science and stroke technique informed by joint mechanics.

Edinburgh Swim Studio can support and inspire you to pursue and achieve your swimming goals.

Edinburgh Swim Studio is on the move! Please contact us as usual if you would like to arrange remote sessions (via Zoom) for movement analysis and coaching, breath training, or swimming. Face to face coaching, in Aberfeldy, will be available from spring 2024.