Building Water Confidence

Learning to swim can change your life, and the lives of those around you.

Whether you want to enjoy holidays by the sea with your family, improve your wellbeing by swimming a few lengths of your local pool, or have the confidence to take your baby to a class where they will learn to love the water from the start, Edinburgh Swim Studio can help you.

Our lessons progress to suit the needs of each individual swimmer. We provide a relaxed, private environment where we can help you to feel more confident in the water.

A coach is by your side at all times, as you learn correct breathing technique, how to switch between floating and putting your feet on the floor, and turning muscles off so you are relaxed in the water.

As you gain in confidence you will progress to focus on the skills you need to swim one of the four strokes.

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Edinburgh Swim Studio is on the move! Please contact us as usual if you would like to arrange remote sessions (via Zoom) for movement analysis and coaching, breath training, or swimming. Face to face coaching, in Aberfeldy, will be available from spring 2024.